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For this section we invited a number of people to review their favorite styles of thongs. Of all the reviews that we received in this rate my thong section , it appeared that the stretch lace thong was the one you most wanted to rate and so we've included the review by Cait as we felt it was the most comprehensive ( thanks Cait )

Rate My Thong review

' When I received the invitation to rate my thong I was a bit taken aback - especially when I was asked to rate my favorite. There are so many different types of thong and many of them feel so different and appropriate for different settings - I wasn't sure which one to write about. Well on balance I eventually decided to go for the stretch lace thong, mainly because it combines comfort and practicality with elegance and out and out sexiness better in my view than any others.

I should first say that I love thongs - a fact which will become self evident from this rate my thong review. I have many of them and rely on them heavily for my clothing ensemble. I am quite often involved in functions( either social or business) and often wear fairly thin materials which are tight fitting. In terms of practicality , there are only two options - I can either go 'Freestyle' ( ie no underwear)or I will wear a thong - VPLs are simply not an option.

Well freestyle is not for me so I have always opted for the thong. The thong is perfect for eliminating VPLs - there really is nothing like it. Other garments such as boy shorts have improved in this regard but they are still a compromise - when it really is important to have no VPLs I would only ever be confident in a thong.

I have a large collection of thongs and have found the stretch lace thong to be by far the most comfortable. The problem with thongs has always been the dreaded 'butt wedgie' which you will get from a lot of walking or dancing etc. I found this quite bad with some cotton thongs or even nylon / spandex blends ( which were better but still not perfect)

In terms of comfort the stretch lace thong must be the winner of my rate my thong review. The fabric has a lot more give in it than the others and whilst it too will ride up from time to time it is definitely better than the others.

Another important factor is durability. Stretch lace thongs tend to hold their shape well. I always wash my thongs at a slightly lower heat and tumble dry them only very quickly. Anything else and they will start to shrink and then you may get the dreaded butt floss syndrome.

Finally they look really great .I find the stretch lace look extremely appealing.....I just feel really good in them.








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