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Welcome to One Lingerie Place.

This site is built to provide details about the world of lingerie to those who aren't experts in the field. It goes through the various types of lingerie, from thongs to g-strings and from bras to pantyhose.

The site shows you what each lingerie garment is ,and in the case of those garments which are important in the development of lingerie as a whole, we have included a history of that garment. Here we focus on the influence of pivotal designers on lingerie trends and we have concentrated mainly on the twentieth century.

In addition to that, there are lots of useful tips on how to buy some items of lingerie, and what you should be aware when buying on the internet - for example the seven day rule as it applies in some countries.

Thongs,Lingerie,G-strings,Thong Variations and much much more

You will also find tips on what effect you can achieve with your lingerie, how you can put the focus on to those parts of your body that you feel most comfortable with and how clothing can enhance those parts of your body that you are less happy with.

You can use the links to the right to navigate your way around the site.We deal in detail with Baby Doll Lingerie, The Basque, Boy Shorts , the Bustier, the Camisole, the Chemise, Corset Tops, The Garter Belt, the G-String, Halter Tops, HotPants, Knickers. We have a Pantyhose section which answers the question as to just who invented the Panty Hose ! We have an extensive section on Bras which includes advice on finding your own Bra Size. We also have a Stockings section, which looks at various aspects of stockings such as alternatives to black stockings, and a section on Silk Stockings and Fishnet Stockings.By popular demand, the largest section is devoted to Thongs. We look at various sexy thongs including Micro thongs and we look at what age you should start wearing thongs.There is also a rate my thong review. Lastly we look at the various delineations of lingerie - French Lingerie, Exotic Lingerie, Trashy Lingerie and Sheer Lingerie.

This site also contains reviews of some websites to give you a few pointers as to where you might look for your lingerie. Please be aware that OneLingeriePlace is fully independant and we have received no inducements to add these links.

In addition,we are developing a chat page so that you can discuss your various experiences with the lingerie you have bought and make suggestions.

We're also in touch with Anna (our new model) who will do a lingerie shoot soon to show you some great lingerie ensembles and show you examples of all the garments.

This is a site by a group of lingerie enthusiasts who decided to club together and write about our shared passion..We hope you'll enjoy browsing as much as we enjoyed creating this site.

Have Fun !






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